23 August 2007

Every dog has his day.

It's been a while since last post. No time, no time. There has been no time.

It often goes down like that, when we near printer deadlines, and there's still a 5-page feature on the way, because the author is still tracking down another subject for a CRITICAL interview, because THIS GUY will be the one with all the money-quotes, but he's been on vacation, or he hasn't been answering his calls, or his press handler is an agoraphobic Nazi who claims to understand publishing but insists on sending low-resolution head-shots, but it doesn't matter because supposedly I could have designed the feature ahead of time with no raw material and only the faintest notion of what to expect, based on a conversation at a meeting two weeks ago, where the format of the feature was described in some loose-and-fruity brainstorm manner, which means I somehow magically should have had The Big Idea in my head, and can design a perfectly balanced skeleton for the feature with no live copy, no working headline, and an estimated wordcount based on some random, insane spasm experienced during a meeting that happened even EARLIER than the other meeting, where I magically got The Big Idea injected into my bloodstream like Philip K. Dick getting signals from the Supreme Being in VALIS..........

What was I saying?

Oh yes. Every dog has his day.

In this case, Gomez has his day. Or he had it yesterday, when DCist picked the shot above for their coveted Photo Of The Day slot. We had gone to Glen Echo Park in Maryland for a change of scenery last weekend, and much to Gomez's delight, we found a water-fountain with super powers.

Oh, and that feature? It did finally come in, but needless to say it won't be the portfolio trophy piece it could've been...

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Reya Mellicker said...

Gomez is one of the best dog names ever. The pic of him is fabulous ... DCist SHOULD have chosen it. Glad they made the right choice.

Have a good weekend - stay cool!