28 December 2007

Update: All that Breakwells ends well.

It is with great shudders of caffeinated joy that I announce the return of Breakwell's Coffee. The shop was gutted by fire last September, and it was reported that kids were to blame. Kids and fireworks.

At the time, I had posted some enraged (yet brilliant, I thought) disciplinary ideas for the firecracker kids. I mean, for the love of GOD, children, don't mess with Poppa's coffee.

But today is a new day. After months of silence and boarded windows, Breakwell's is brewing again.

And as a rather nice plot-twist, the proprietor says there was actually no foul play; no pyromaniac punks running wild with roman candles and a thirst for chaos. The fire was the result of an electrical malfunction, and the crackling sound of a massive arc caused some to believe they were hearing fireworks.

So we can release the kids from the dungeons....I suppose.

Whatever. It's good news. I've missed the breakfast burritos & cafe Americano. All is well again.

Serving breakfast goodies until 11am. 9th and M Streets NW, Washington DC.


Reya Mellicker said...

It's never good to interfere with a regular influx of caffeine. Never.

So glad you have access to your coffee and breakfast burritoes again!

Anonymous said...

i work at the convention center and LOVE Breakwells! the food, the atmosphere, the customer service...and now that they serve breakfast ALL DAY LONG - you can't go wrong with this place :)