30 December 2007

Year and a day

Quite the milestone, this was...
Gomez hit the big OH-ONE yesterday.

He was born 29dec06 in Gettysburg, PA. It was a gorgeous litter, but he was definitely the King-Ultra-Lord-Captain and overall groovy guy of the bunch. That was clear even at 4 weeks old, when we first saw him. And again at 8 weeks, when he came home to DC.

His mum is in the deepest wilds of Virginia this weekend, visiting some relatives. This means the birthday was just us DUDES. It was a real man's event; a coming-of-age ritual worthy of the Viking champions:

A good blast of chaos at the dog park: running, wrestling, and freaking out, followed by a good hearty meal at home and running in spastic circles around the living room, chasing the rope/tennis-ball thing while blasting the greatest friggin' rock 'n roll album of all time (recently reissued on 180-gram vinyl, gods be praised). Thereafter, much loud, terrible, warrior-quality snoring.

The snoring was all him. I can't compete with that.

Gomez has been a bouncing bucket o' good vibes, and it has been a sweet honor to witness this monster develop. Maybe someday he'll grow into that great flopping mouth of his. Happy birthday, sugarbutt.

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