12 February 2008

DC Sorrow is dead...

I got a call yesterday.

It was a voicemail from some anonymous humanoid deep within the vast super-hive of the TicketMaster Corporation... It sounded female but it could've been a computer simulation...

The show to which I had bought two tickets, as she said: "thee....... Pretty THINGS... at the Black Cat in......Worshington DEE-SEE...." had been canceled. And my credit card would be credited immediately.

Oh shit.

Well, eh, easy come, easy go. But obviously, your humble narrator was hot to see the show, as evidenced by all that slobbering weirdness a few posts back.

So I went online to see if I could suss what happened. And the Pretty Things' European booking agency's website was down.

Then I went to Arthur Brown's site, since I had been equally thrilled at the prospect of seeing the God of Hellfire himself that night. And in a post dated Feb 9th was a harsh little one-liner that read:

Arthur is not touring with the Pretty Things in the USA in April and he never was.

So, something is amiss here. The show was to be a breakthrough for us, since Mrs. Intangible expressed interest in actually going to this one. Well, I've played the Pretty Things albums SF Sorrow and Parachute around the house endlessly, so she knew that material.

And of course, the Crazy World of Arthur Brown album is one of those records that made me what I am today. For better or for (much) worse...

So this would've been our first club date since we did that duel in Tucson years ago, where she took me to see Charlie Daniels Band and I responded with Stereolab and the Olivia Tremor Control at the Rialto.

Now THERE's a good test of a relationship.

But that's all beside the point. There's some intrigue going on between the Pretties, Arthur Brown, and the tour agency. But if anyone was interested, the point is, the Black Cat date is killed. Alas.


Rothko said...

Wow. Charlie Daniel's band. Mrs. Intangible sounds like a keeper.

IntangibleArts said...

I certainly think so.

I'm no fan of American country music, but in defense of the Charlie Daniels gig: I could respect it a helluva lot more than the new breed of Country-hunky tart bastards with their immaculate black hats and pop stylings... urp.

Daniels' music had a bit more roots to it; if you squint, you could almost hear the celtic in there.

oh...and avoid eye-contact with the other folks in the audience. That was one weird bunch.

On the other hand, the fact that she didn't file for divorce after being blasted by Stereolab's live renditions of the Emperor Tomato Ketchup material says a lot.

and i mean, jumping hell, that was a great gig.

epota said...

My deepest sympathies for your loss -- err, your awful news about the show. I was certainly more than envious of your opportunity to see them. I was hoping to experience the show through your words and possible photos. I must retreat back to the CDs. And buy the DVD.

I was a bit more fortunate in the relationship-music frontier. Anita was ready to dispose quickly of most of the FM radio pop artists. Early dates took us into Chitown for alternative shows like The Mighty Lemon Drops, Love and Rockets, Close Lobsters, Peter Murphy, Dramarama (3 times!!!), Nine Inch Nails.

So my hat goes off to you for indulging your sweetie with roots-based country. And kudos to her, as well, for venturing into the trance-like atmosphere of Stereolab.

Reya Mellicker said...

Drama behind the scenes makes for not such great performances anyway. So sorry you don't get to see the band, though.

The Vinyl District said...

Well, there goes our pints. Shite.