13 February 2008

Valentines Day...with a kick

It was (perhaps) the most romantic Valentines Day gift EVER.

I got the package from DCU, and just in time. The VD special: Two tickets for the DC United home opener (5th April against Toronto), complete with his & hers mugs and a bunch o' chocolate kisses. I got the black mug...of course.

The chocolate will be going to work tomorrow, since we at Intangible HQ don't dig the stuff (well, I don't dig it. The missus would dig it but chooses not to)...

The mugs will provide a lifetime of good service in the delivery of coffee to the brain, whereas the tickets will provide just 90 minutes of good service. But what fun. Can't wait for this bloody season to get started.

Oh, and perhaps it wasn't the most romantic Valentines Day gift ever... but, uh... the young lady was pleased. And that is the goal, after all.



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